The most beautiful thing, any former actor of an Academic Program who proudly held for few years the symbolic torch on which burns the flame of his or her University training is to appreciate that this torch will be transmitted from generation to generation of students who will successfully achieve their studies in the same academic program in order to keep perpetuating the line inspired by all formers actors of this Academic Program.”

M’INT Alumni is intended for all former actors of International Management Academic Program notably former students, be it as a full-time, part-time or exchange program. The notion of  “former actors” likewise extends to all members who were part of the program. This includes lecturers, teachers and all of these women and men who added their enthusiasm to make International Management Program alive thu time.

We ambition you to meet your former classmates in order to exchange, to meet up again, and to share and recollect together your past student memories. We believe the best way to do it is thru organized events which is M’INT Alumni’s objective. We also want to keep you updated with the development of your former university study program.


By studying International Management Program, you make the great choice to join a big family: the one of those who adhere to the values of International Management.

M’INT Alumni wants to make easier your integration into this family. We would like to lead any International Management student to become a future business professional possessing a specific expertise in Marketing, Finance or Human Resources.

To bring our operational visions and perspectives, to share with you our professional experiences, thru friendly meetings is the objective we follow. To enable you to develop your operational proficiency as well as your professional relations is our best achievement.


International Management Graduates become experts in business management with specialization in Marketing & Sales, Finance or Human Resources. They are more than proficient to work within a multicultural dimension. Their profiles are efficient answers to developing challenges that are encountered by today’s organizations.

M’INT Alumni consequently speaks to International Businesses, whichever the industry or size of the organization, to bring the strengh of a professional network and help your company grow and successfully confront tomorrow’s challenges.

Making available to you the proficiency of our members, bringing to you the Marketing, Finance or HR knowledge of students of the academic program in order to work on the projects that will drive the growth of your organization is what M’INT Alumni seeks to achieve with our business partners.

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