As the strategic organ of M’INT Alumni, the Committee discusses and defines the organization’s guidelines.

The Committee comprises at least 5 up to 20 members. They are elected by M’INT Alumni members for a 2-year renewable mandate. International Management Academic Advisor, the President of Student Office as well as any former President of M’INT Alumni sit as standing invitee of the Committee with an advisory capacity.

Click on the link to vizualise current organization chart of M’INT Alumni’s Committee.


As the operational organ of M’INT Alumni, the Bureau dedicates itself to implement strategic decisions of the Committee. The Bureau manages and organizes all events that enable M’INT Alumni to attain its objectives.

Under the responsability of the President, the Bureau is elected for a 1-year renewable mandate.

Current organization chart of M’INT Alumni’s Bureau: M’INT Alumni Organizational chart 2012

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