M’INT Alumni is the professional network gathering alumni of International Management, a 3-year Academic Program taught at the University of Angers, located in the North-West of France.

Our purpose aims to contribute to the development and to enhance value of International Management Academic Program.

In order to achieve successfully our mission, we pursue 3 goals:

  • To promote and to reinforce relations and exchanges between former students and members of the acedemic program, whatever graduation year, through convivial meetings, with a perspective to widen professional opportunities for our members.
  • To maintain and to enrich our network with new members through leading current students of the program to the development of their professional relations and proficiencies. We aim to attain this goal with by organizing events (seminar, conferences, participation of business group projects, exhibitions) that will enable students to interact with actors of economic and social world.
  • To contribute to the development of International Management Academic Program thru the establisment of partnerships and the promotion of the underlying program in France as well as abroad with an objective to attract prospective talented students.

We will follow our purpose within a well-defined set of values:

  • Open-mindedness: Cultural diversity is a strengh of Today’s organizations and it will be the wealth of Tomorrow’s organizations.
  • Curiosity: Best business performers are those endowed with an ability to enrich their knowledge and ideas, in order to implement new practices.
  • Entrepreneurship: Success lays in fierce convictions and willpower of leaders to challenge ideas and make them real.
  • Integrity: Honesty and straightforwardness are key success factors for any individual relations that lead to partnerships.
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