Should you wish joining International Management Alumni Great Family.

In order to keep in touch with your former studying classmates and to interact with individuals who followed the same academic program as you. You can also take advantage of professional opportunities provided thru the network or simply contribute to the development of M’INT Alumni. Become a M’INT Alumni Member!

To become a M’INT Alumni Member, you have to adhere to the network Statutes and to pay membership fees that are voted by M’INT Alumni Committee.

This year, M’INT Alumni Committee voted a annual €15 membership fees.

Membership Requirements Process:

  1. You MUST be a former student of International Management Program at Angers even if you were studying for short period as an exchange student or group project student. (Otherwise, you can claim becoming a M’INT Alumni Member.)
  2. Click on the left side section – “JOIN US- MEMBERSHIP“.
  3. Fill the membership form.
  4. After your data checking by M’INT Alumni, you will receive your login detail allowing you to connect and access website sections reserved to M’INT Alumni Members.
  5. You will be given a 15-day period to pay the annual membership fees otherwise your account will be deleted. To do so, click on “MEMBERS – MEMBERSHIP FEES ONLINE PAYMENT” section. Follow payment instructions.
  6. After payment of membership fees, you will have a 1-year renewable membership. You will be able to enjoy the network’s advantages.

* For more safety payment are settled via PayPal. Payment with credit and debit card s are accepted (MasterCard, Visa, etc.)

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