With a strong desire to grow, M’INT Alumni is aware of the importance to network and work with economic and social organizations.

Consequently, M’INT Alumni constantly seeks to develop sustainable partnerships with economic actors. We are open to any offer from all kind of organizations, be it size or core activity as long as they share the same values of M’INT Alumni.

Within the frame of these partnerships, M’INT Alumni gives the unique opportunity to take advantages of getting connected to a professional network:

  • Publishing of your Human Resources requirements: post your needs in HR for a specific mission or job and make it available to members of our network who possess expertise in managerial fields such as Marketing & Sales, Finance or Human Resources.
  • Connecting with International Management students: During the course of the academic program, students have to achieve several internships or work placement from 2 months up to 9 months. The rewarding of these working experiences make them highly motivated to perform internships. They can be very good answers to the achievements of some of your projects. Thru partnerships, M’INT Alumni select for you the best profiles that fit your requirements.
  • Creating your communication & marketing tools: With its partners, M’INT Alumni is able to design and to make tools useful for the promotion of your organization. From business cards editions to leaflets elaboration until website development, we offer thru partnership a wide range of services.
  • Developing your business: M’INT Alumni can help you with prospecting and conducting market assessment for potential sales. We make your necessary steps to gain new markets easier by relying on our ambassadors who are former students of the academic program, now based abroad (France, US, Germany, UK, Africa, Scandinavia, Belgium, China, Singapore, Ireland).
  • Communicating about you thru our communication: As a M’INT Alumni partner, you will be able to make publicity of your organization using tools we use to promote our organization. An example of it is the publishing of your business logo and motto on M’INT Alumni’s business cards that our representants distribute in France as well as other countries.

In exchange, M’INT Alumni seeks out material, specific know-how or financial means that contribute to the development of the network.

You’re a business rep? Wish to have more info about us and partnerships? Feel free to share your projects with M’INT Alumni Contact us link.

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