Created in 2002, BDE (Student Office) M’INT’s vocation is to provide the International Management (IM) Academic Program with an active and enterprising student life. Formely known as Gest’IA, the Student Office became M’INT after the merge between International Management and Human Resources International Management Academic Programs.

BDE M’INT is run daily by 10 active members. 130 students from the three studying years that comprises IM Academic Program are registered as members of the organization, making a strengh to the student association.

The student office is strongly recognized as an official organization by University Of Angers authorities and also around the student community in Saint-Serge Campus which counts about 3,000 members.

M’INT aims to promote student exchanges within the program and also to play as an intermediate between IM student community and the university and professional authorities.

The Student Office fosters and struggle to develop solidarity and mutual assistance relations between IM students (help in internship search, past papers sharing, etc.).

Eventually, M’INT represents IM student in the various events occuring thru the course of the academic year. Besides, the student organization plays an important role as opinion leader and thus is able to rally amongst IM student community.

Every year, M’INT struggles to provide students with various organized events:

  • Induction Weekend (students sponsorship project, sport tournament to create students links, party)
  • Quiz team (annual contest organized by Société Générale gathering other student organizations)
  • Gala Organization (with award ceremony rewarding students in classes considered as “the most” serious, open-minded, attractive, etc.)
  • Participation in Management Olympiad (annual and France-wide contest organized by Score IAE-Message, the French academic network gathering Business & Management Studies programs)
  • Merchandizing projects with sales of polo shirts displaying IM program colors
  • Assistance in internships search (with IM Alumni network)
  • “Break-up” Weekend celebrating the end of academic year

Have a look into BDE M’INT activities thru BDE M’INT website.

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