The statistics below are drawn from a survey that occured in July 2011 from IM Alumni who kindly answered the questionnaire.

M’INT Alumni Members

62 alumni from class year 2006 to 2011 answered favorably to the invitation to join the network. 52.54% chose specialization in Marketing during the course of their studies and 40.68% took Finance option. (59 answers)

Every year, the network can grow of an average 30 new graduates.

Professional Life Integration

Statistics demonstrates how fundamental internships are. The survey showed that 73.81% of graduates were hired immediately after completion of their internship. After 3 months, 90.48% are employed. (42 answers)

Working Place

The University of Angers being located in Pays-de-Loire region explains that 30.51% of alumni work in this region. However, 20.34% decided to work abroad. Europe remains the first destination (11.86%). A large amount of graduates also work around Paris (16.95%) and Brittany, North-West of France (13.59%). (59 answers)


76.92% of Alumni earns the first year more than €25,000 ($32,500 with €1=$1.30) yearly. 46.15% have wages over €30,000 ($39,000 with €1=$1.30).

Companies & Jobs

59.32% of graduates entered into international business of more than 500 headcounts.

Lactalis Group (Dairy worldwide leader) is the first employer of the academic program (8.47%). French banking industry (Société Générale, Caisse d’Epargne, Crédit du Nord, OSEO) recruits also many graduates (10.17%). Renault, CNN, H&M, Neopost Group, General Electric Healthcare, Club Med, Oxbow, Expectra are also some of the groups that recruited.

IM graduates occupy various jobs with 33.33% in financial positions, 29.82% in Marketing and 22.81% in Sales. (59 answers)

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