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University Of Angers - International Management Academic Program presentation (IM)

International Management (IM) is an academic program taught at the University Of Angers, North West of France.

It aims to develop students’ professional skills in management sciences applied into a multicultural dimension, with specialization in Marketing & Sales, Finance or Human Resources. At the end of the program, graduates are able to evolve within an international context with a perspective to become managers after few years in the professional life.

The first year of the program is accessible after completion of 2-study years at university. This first year of IM program (also called “Licence 3″) prepares students to Management studies.

The second year of the program (“Master 1″) focuses on acquiring knowledge and skills on General Business Management with stressing this learning on an international dimension.

The last and third year of the program (“Master 2″) is the opportunity for students, still within the frame of a cross-cultural perspective, to strenghen their competencies on one specific aspect of Management thanks to the 3 options offered: Marketing & Sales, Finance or Human Resources.

Classes gather up to 30 students enabling them to be in the best conditions to acquire knowledge and skills and to be better followed through the course of their studies.


An opening up to the world coupled with a strong willpower to enable students to develop their skills within a international framework are real assets offered by the IM academic program. They results in:

  • integration of several foreign students (American, Chinese, Indians, African, Spanish, Russian),
  • lectures, tutorials and practicals taught by foreign teachers in English version,
  • achievements of group projects in cooperation with students coming from foreign universities (US, Russia),
  • opportunities to carry out some semesters in foreign universities (USA, UK, Spain, Poland),
  • recommendation from academic staff to perform interships abroad,
  • possibility to learn up to 3 foreign languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Arab, Russian, Japanese).

International Management program stresses on the operational learning of students. It is one of the few academic programs in France at an equivalent study level to offer the opportunity to perform 2 internships during the Master degree (2nd and 3rd of the academic program). On average, students performed a duration of 12 months working experiences over the 3 years that lasts IM program. These internship periods are opportunities for student to gain professional experience and develop their know-how in the field. The operational learning is also fostered with intervention from professional staff who work in companies.

A training bringing along a broad opening to Management discipline but also focusing on one specific aspect of Management (Marketing & Sales, Finance or HR), and taking into consideration an operational learning within a multicultural dimension make IM program a real springboard offering valuable professional opportunities to IM Graduates.

Consequently, businesses from SME to Corporates can find a breeding-ground for human resources competencies to take up challenges such economic organizations confront.

No surprise appreciating that IM Graduates are hired in various businesses such as CNN, Oxbow, Société Générale, Renault, Lactalis Group, Expectra, Orange France Télécom, SFR, Manitou to perform various jobs such as Administrative & Financial Manager, Product Manager, Web Analyst, Sales Business Analyst, Export Sales Rep., Human Resources Manager, etc.


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